Costa Concordia Deaths
Complete Passenger And Crew Name Death Index
Costa Concordia Accident - January 13, 2012
Concordia Crew Members

Erika Fani Soriamolina -
crew member, waitress, Peru

Girolamo Giuseppe -
staff musician, Italy

Russel Terence Rebello -
crew member, waiter, India

Sandor Feher -
Staff musician, Hungary

Tomas_Alberto_Costilla_Mendoza -

Concordia Passengers

Barbara Heil - Minnesota, usa

Brunhilde Werp -  Germany

Christina Mathi Ganz -  Germany

Dayana Arlotti - Italy

Egon Hoer -  Germany

Elilsabeth Bauer-  Germany

Francis Servel -  France

Gabriel Grube -  Germany

Gerald 'Jerry' Heil - Minnesota, usa

Giovanni Masia - Italy

Gual Guillermo - Italy

Horst Galle -  Germany

Inge Schall -  Germany

Jean-Pierre Micheaud - France
Concordia Passengers

Jeannette Gannard -  France

Josef Werp -  Germany

Luisa Antonio Virzi - Italy

Margarethe Neth -  Germany

Margrit Schoeter -  Germany

Maria D'Introna - Italy

Maria Grazia Trecarichi - Italy

Michael Blemand -  France

Mylene Litzler -  France

Norbert Joseph Ganz -  Germany

Pierre Gregoire -  France

Siglinde Stumpf -  Germany

William Arlotti - Italy
The complete list of 32 Costa Concordia Passengers - sinking resulting in death