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4:02am - Kofman's attorney says there was no drinking at that time. They brought George back to his room, and put him to bed. He says George was so grateful they brought him back to the room that he kissed one of the young men.

4:02am - Josh Askin says there was no party, he used the restoom in George's cabin, while the Russians tucked George in bed.

4:15am - Clete Hyman reports hearing a verbal argument between three, maybe four individuals in the Smith's cabin on the balcony. He says the argument went on for a couple moments, then he heard male voices say goodnight. This part of the story is different from that told by Josh.  Clete Hyman reports hearing people leaving the cabin, opened his door to look out, and saw three men leaving the cabin. There were reports that four men helped George to his cabin.  Capt. Bill Wright, senior vice president of fleet operations for Royal Caribbean, said that the investigation has found that four passengers did indeed escorted George back to his cabin on the night that he vanished.

4:20am/4:25am  Clete Hyman hears one man talking, and furniture moving. Then it is silent. There was a couple minutes of total silence.   Pat Lawyer didn’t hear what Clete Hyman thought was a drinking game—but they did hear that same moving about of furniture, and she said it sounded like the cabin was being trashed. She says that all of a sudden there was a lot of noise coming from the cabin next door, the George Smith cabin, and what it sounded to me like is somebody was throwing things against the wall, like throwing furniture in the room against the wall or against the floor

4:30am - Clete Hyman and Pat Lawyer hear the sound of a horrific thud. The sound was so loud, it reverberated through their cabin, and it sounded like somebody fell out on the balcony.

4:30am - After the awful thud, both the deputy chief and the couple heard knocks— two sets of raps on the Smith cabin door about 4:30 a.m. It was security. Greg Lawyer opens her cabin door and looks out in the hall at them, and tells them. "Hey, you guys , you better get in there because that room is trashed." The cruise line confirms they were ship’s security officers responding to the noise complaint Clete Hyman made just after 4:00 a.m. Security walks away without further invesitgating, because all is quiet.

4:30am - The Russians say they are back in their cabin, they order a huge amount of food from room service, and it is delivered around 4:45am. The group took photos of the room service because they were amazed at the amount of food.

4:30am - Mrs. Smith is found sleeping on a floor  in a hallway, on the other side of the ship, right outside a crew only room, and five doors down from Josh's cabin. She is unable to make it back to her cabin. Ship personnel arrived and remained with Mrs. Smith while two crew members went to her cabin to find her husband, but the cabin was empty.  A wheelchair is brought to take her to the cabin.

4:47am - Jennifer arrives back to her cabin. At that time George is not there, and ship staff do not notice any blood in the room. More oddly, security nor the female crew member who accompanied Jennifer to her room, find the room trashed as described by neighbors on both sides of the Smith cabin.

5:15am - Josh Askin arrives at this cabin, and goes to bed.

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