Cruise Ship Passenger Murdered - Karen Roston
On  February 6, 1988, Karen Waltz ,26,  married Chiropractor Dr. Scott Robin Roston, 36, and was on the last day of their seven day honeymoon cruise to Mexico, the day before Valentines Day aboard Sundance Cruises' (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines) Stardancer.

They had met in Florida when she was working as a physical therapist. He had fallen down stairs, and she had treated his injury with massage.

Scott Roston told the authorities that high winds blew his wife Karen, 26, off the deck, where she and he had been jogging on the track. Both Karen and Scott were fitness buffs, so on the surface, it seemed like a good story.

He reported his wife overboard about 3:00am,  Saturday February 13, 1988.

The U.S. Coast Guard began a sea search for Karen.

Police initially said they were suspicous of the husband's story, because it was not that windy at the time she went overboard. The wind velocity was no more than five miles per hour, and the seas were quite calm at the time as well.

When they didn't buy the first version of the story, Scott revised his story, to say he had just remembered she had fallen overboard, and he had tried to save her by grabbing her, without success.

Again, police were suspicous because Karen was only 5'3" tall and the railing was 3'6" high.

Richard Waltz, her father, said that Karen's years of devotion to ballet, modern dance and tai chi, and a daily regimen of ten-mile walks had made her strong and agile.

Karen's mother,  Mrs. Waltz had suspicions about her future son-in-law's finances,  when she first met him,  as he seemed to well rehearsed, and it  troubled her so much that she had the "pretty little" pear shaped diamond engagement ring appraised, wondering if he had given her daughter a cubic zirconia.

When police interviewed him, his face showed triangular gouges, such as a pear shaped ring might make,  and a four inch scratch. They suspected Karen had fought for her life, as her husband tried to kill her onboard. He told the crew that he had hit his head on a gangway control box, but no blood, hair or marks were found on the box. Photographs showed that the box had no sharp protrusions that could have caused the facial injuries.

A fellow passenger who shared a table with the couple stated that Dr. Roston was angry with Karen because she ate sweets and did not know which eating utensils to use at the meal.

The chiropractor was also seen quarreling with a woman on deck about forty-five minutes to one hour before he reported his wife overboard.

Another passenger on the ship, an assistant chief deputy in the Cook County, Ill., Sheriff's Department, said later that morning, when he went for a stroll around the same area where Karen Roston went overboard, he noticed part of an earring and some hair and reported it to ship officials.

The defense made no effort to overcome the prosecution's medical evidence or the testimony of fellow passengers about the newlyweds' shipboard squabbles. The only evidence introduced by defense counsel Kenner were records showing that there were two Israeli nationals on the ship when Karen Roston went overboard.

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