Walter Wanderwell, 39 – Murder, P&O Crew

Walter Wanderwell, 39 – Murder, P&O Crew, December 5, 1932, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Captain Walter Wanderwell, age 39, world traveler, solider of fortune and suspected spy, was found dead, shot in the back, in a passageway leading from the dining salon of the Carma, tied up at the P & O docks at Long Beach, California.

Four passengers and a crew member were detained and questioned in the death.

At the Long Beach, California trial, there were two positive identifications of William James (Curley) Guy, a welshman, as the man who boarded the ship a few minutes before Captain Walter Wanderwell was shot to death on December 5, 1932. Guy, age 24, was from Great Britain.

One witness, Miss Marion Smith of Rockmart, Georgia positively identified Guy as the man who boarded the ship only a few moments before he was found dead. Smith was a passenger aboard the ship.

The other witness, Ralph Dunhip, was the ship’s engineer.

Guy’s defense was simple. He was asleep in bed 30 miles from the ship when the Captain was murdered, and therefore could not have been on the ship. The defense worked.

Guy was acquitted at trial by a jury of nine men and three women in the death of Wanderwell. There was never an conviction for the murder of Walter Wanderwell.

Wanderwell was buried December 10, 1932.

Several years later, Guy says that he got cold feet and skipped back to Mexico. Guy was acquitted of the murder charges in 1933 in the slaying of Wanderwell. Five years later he was jailed again on suspicion of illegal entry into the United States from Mexico.