Colleen Skantar Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard Scandinavian Sun Fire

Colleen Skantar, 24 – Cruise Ship Fire, Scandinavian Sun Passenger, August 20, 1984, Time of Death 11:20.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

On August 20, 1984, Palm Beach teacher Colleen Skantar was aboard Scandinavian World Cruises’ Scandinavian Sun when a fire broke out in the engine room, filling the ship with smoke. Mrs. Skantar, age 24, was on a cruise with her husband when the fire broke out.

The couple had been staying in stateroom 440 while on the cruise and there is where she was found, having died from smoke inhalation.

Mrs. Skantar was one of two people who died in the fire. At least 33 others were injured.

The ship had just returned from a day long trip to the Bahamas, when the fire broke out around 11:20pm. Within a half hour later the fire was put out.