City Of Poros Cruise Ship Terrorist Attack Aboard Aegean Sea

Attacked By Terrorists 11 Dead, – Terror Attack, City Of Poros Cruise Ship Mix, July 12, 1988, Time of Death 8:30.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathCity of PorosOn July 12, 1988, Merchant Marine Minister Evangelos Yiannopoulos said the Cycladic Cruises’ cruise ship, City of Poros, carrying 400 passengers and 71 crew members aboard, was stormed by Palestinian gunmen, who killed nine tourists. Two more later died from their injuries, for a total number of 11 dead.

The passenger ship was returning from a daily island cruise in the Aegean Sea.

Three gunmen had boarded City Of Poros along with other passengers at Aegina, Greece. They waiting on the ship until it was several miles from shore and then attacked arouind 8:30pm that evening.

The terrorists had concealed automatic weapons and hand grenades when they opened fire on passengers and crew. Trying to flee the attack, some passengers jumped overboard and were caught in the ship’s propellors.

City Of Poros sent out a distress call and other ships in the area came to her rescue.

Earlier on the day of the attack, the pier which the City of Poros usually berthed at in Piraeus, Greece was rocked by the detonation of a large car bomb. The bomb is thought to have detonated prematurely, killing two people inside.

With that attacked failed, a second plan was hatched to attack the ship instead from within. The terrorist attack resulted in 98 injured, and 11 dead. The dead were from France, Greece, Denmark, Hungary and Sweden . Of the injured, 30 were from France.

Abu Nidal Organisation (ANO) claimed responsibility for the attack at the terminal as well as the attack on City Of Poros.

A year later, two ANO members were arrested and convicted of involvement in the attack, and further charges were later brought against a Lebanese man arrested in Germany, but the men who planned this operation mostly escaped official justice.

In February 2012, France announced they were bringing three of the terrorists to trial. The men, one of whom is thought to be dead, the remaining two’s whereabouts are unknown. They are thought to have belonged to the Fatah Revolutionary Council, a Palestinian extremist group linked to the organization of breakaway Palestinian radical Abu Nidal.

Adnan Sojod was charged with voluntary homicide, and Samir Khaidir and Abdul Hamid Amoud are both charged with attempted voluntary homicide linked to a terrorist enterprise.

The shooter, was convicted of “intentional homicide and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist organization, Fatah-RC, Abu Nidal group.” It was presented in the uncertain identity of Adnan Sojod, 21 at the time, carrying a Lebanese passport as Abdul Hamid Amoud, convicted of complicity.

March 1, 2012, Lebanese-born Adnan Sojod was convicted of murder and attempted murder after being identified by some thirty witnesses as the main shooter. Meanwhile Abdul Hamid Amoud and Palestinian-born Jordanian national Samir Mohammed Ahmed Khaidir were convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to attempt murder.