Regent Sun Crew Cruise Ship Deaths Skagway Alaska Lifeboat Safety Drill

2 Crew Dead, – Accidental Deaths, Regent Sun Crew, August 21, 1990, Time of Death 7:00.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Tuesday, August 21, 1990 two crew members from Regency Cruises’ cruise ship Regent Sun were injured in a freak accident during a dockside safety drill in Skagway, Alaska.

Regent Sun was on a seven-day Alaska Inside Passage cruise from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada to the Alaskan ports of Anchorage (Whittier) and Skagway at the time of the incident.

A cable holding a lifeboat broke during the safety drill, dumping 13 crew members into the frigid Skagway sea. The men who died were trapped under the lifeboat when it landed on top of them.

Most crew members were rescued immediately. However, two who were rescued couldn’t be revived. The two, a crew member from Honduras, 24, and a crew member from Greece, 59, both died.

Another crew member, Juan Matute, 23, was hospitalized with a head injury.

All crew members were wearing life jackets.