Jerome Victor Batts Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard Carrie B Norfolk

Jerome Victor Batts, 69 – Overboard Unknown, Carrie B Passenger, September 17, 1993, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Sometime, right after midnight on September 18, 1983, Jerome Victor Batts, 69, from Virginia went overboard on theCarrie B Harbor Tours’ Carrie B and drowned in the Elizabeth River.

The Elizabeth River is a short tidal estuary forming an arm of Hampton Roads at the southern end of Chesapeake Bay in southeast Virginia in the United States. It is located along the southern side of the mouth of James River, between the cities of Portsmouth and Norfolk.

Mr. Batts was on the Carrie B Harbor Tours cruise out of Norfolk, Virginia along with other residents of the William T. Hall Nursing Home from Portsmouth, Virginia, none of whom have any idea what happened to Mr. Batts.

Police have no idea how Batts mysteriously ended up in the Elizabeth River, then drowned, but they have ruled out suicide. An United States Coast Guard investigator Lt. j.g. Joe Boudrow with the U.S. Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Office has found no fault or negligence by the cruise line in the drowning death.

The Carrie B goes on sightseeing tours and is available for three hour charters that include dancing, dining and buffets.