Roberta Muzquiz Pagan Passenger Cruise Ship Death Carnival Elation

Roberta Muzquiz Pagan, 35 – Suicide Overboard, Carnival Elation Passenger, January 30, 2003, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Suzanne Saavedra says that her best friend, Roberta Muzquiz Pagan, 35, her husband Jose and their son (my godson) Joey, and other family members went on a Mexican Riviera cruise January 30, 2003 on a Carnival Cruise Line’s Elation.

Roberta and her husband went drinking one night on the ship and got into a fight. They went back to their room, Roberta said goodnight to her son, and then told her husband that she was going for a walk.

This was in the early, early morning hours. She never came back to her room.

At the time, the ship was 10 nautical miles off the shoreline between Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas.

The FBI investigated the disappearance, including giving her husband a polygraph to which he passed, and concluded that there was no foul play. The Coast Guard refused to get involved because the incident happened in Mexico. Nothing more has happened.

Roberta’s mother still goes to Mexico every year to look for her daughter as she believes she was taken by force.