Margarethe Grete Bloss Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard Delphin Renaissance Canary Islands

Margarethe ‘Grete’ Bloss, 85 – Natural Causes, Delphin Renaissance Passenger, April 22, 2004, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathMy mother, Margarethe ‘Grete’ Bloss, 85, was a German citizen, but a U.S. resident alien with a “Green Card” of the US, living in Florida.

She immigrated at age 81 from Germany, had her own home and car and even passed her drivers license test on the first try. She was hoping to be able to get a few more years of living here in Florida, instead of the cold and wet Germany. Unfortunately she only had 4 years here, but she loved every minute of it and most of all, she loved cruising.

I booked a 31 day cruise on the “Delphin Renaissance”, a german ship, consisting of 2 segments (Martinique to Fuertaventura and Fuertaventura to Hamburg).

On day 15, between the Cape Verde and Canary Islands my mother got a cough with difficulty in breathing.

Up until 5 days before her death she was active and fine. The photo of her above, shows her five days before her death.

We had the cabin directly across from the clinic, where 2 doctors from Odessa, Ukraine were consulted.

We received an oxygen machine to take to the cabin and she was given several injections, one was an antibotic. But, 2 days later she was pronounced dead, diagnosed with pneumonia, that resulted in pulmonary failure.

Upon arrival in the port of Las Palmas a day later, we were removed from the ship. The ships crew had contacted the authorities in Las Palmas and made all arrangements without getting my approval. Since we arrived on a Friday afternoon, all of the offices were closed and I had to wait until Monday to contact the German Consulate and find out, what else I had to do.

I do not speak Spanish, but I was left to fend for myself. I did sign and pay for an insurance policy, in case we could not travel.

I agree, that we did start the first segment of the cruise, but we did not the second segment. I contacted a lawyer in my home state of Florida, but was advised, that since it is a German ship, I have to consult a German lawyer, which I did.

This lawyer, just like myself, has been unable to get any satisfaction for me in retrieving some of the money I paid, but couldn’t use. Also, all the expenses I incurred in Spain (hotel, funeral home and cremation, interpreter, air fare and excess baggage charges).

They are absolutely refusing to even return 1 cent to me. I was so devastated by my mom’s death under those circumstances and the complete abandonment. I realize, that she was up in age and not completely healthy, but not so sick, that she had to die.