Michael McConn Cruise Ship Death Overboard Queen Mary 2 Virgin Islands

Michael McConn, 46 – Suicide Overboard, Queen Mary 2 Passenger, June 16, 2004, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Michelle Profant, says that on June 16, 2004, her boyfriend of 14 years, Michael McConn, 46, left a suicide note in their shared cabin while they were in the Virgin Islands aboard Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2. She immediately went to the purser’s office to notify them.

Even though I advised them that he has previously been hospitalized for an attempted suicide in November 03 and again in January 04, they first questioned me extensively, offered me Valium and delayed in searching for Mike.

First there was a general announcement over the intercom asking Mike to report to the purser’s office, after about 20 minutes when that didn’t work, a shipboard search was conducted and I believe it was at the very least an hour if not more before the ship was turned around to search.

His body was never found.

The cruise ended three days later and during that time except for the doctor who injected me with a tranquilizer, no one from the ship contacted me.

My friend who was with me told me that, naturally, everyone on the ship was talking about it. But when disembarkation time came around, we were not offered any place private to wait. We sat in the auditorium with everyone else, embarrassed and scared.

I don’t know if anyone knew who we were or not, but at the very least Cunard should have offered us a private place to wait.

While I don’t know if anymore could have been done to try to save Mike, I do KNOW a lot more could have been done to help ease me through those last three days and off the ship. There seemed to be a total disregard for human compassion.”