Captain Joern Rene Klausen, age 38, Monarch Of The Seas Crew

Captain Joern Rene Klausen, age 38, Monarch Of The Seas Crew, January 30, 2006, Time of Death Unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Captain Joern Rene Klausen, 38, was found dead in his stateroom aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Monarch Of The Seas early the morning of January 30, 2006. The ship was returning to Los Angeles from a three-night cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. According to reports, the death appeared to be of natural causes.

He was acting Captain during; The deadly gas leak which killed three crew members on September 2, 2005.

The Monarch Of The Seas’s captain had a history of alcohol abuse. According to the FBI investigation, unrelated to the accident and 5 months later, some crew members claim Captain Joern Klausen had been drinking so heavily the staff was concerned about his ability to operate the ship and the Captain was sent to his room to sleep it off.

Two days later he was found dead in his cabin. According to the autopsy report, Captain Joern Klausen died of gastritis with contributing factors of early pneumonia and water intoxication syndrome due to alcohol withdrawal. In other words the Captain may have drunk an excessive amount of water after being intoxicated.

On the allegation of the Monarch Of The Seas’s captain drinking on the ship the company says: “we take such issues seriously” and says “Captain Klausen was not performing bridge duties at the time” and that “navigational command of the ship was taken over by another captain.

Monarch of the Seas was owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. As of April 1, 2013, Monarch is operated by RCCL’s Pullmantur Cruises brand.