Nicoleta Neculai Romania Crew Cruise Ship Death Overboard Norwegian Jewel

Nicoleta Neculai, 27 – Suicide Overboard, Norwegian Jewel Crew, February 7, 2006, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Nicoleta Neculai, 27, was living in Romania when she decided to work on a cruise ship. She went to a crewing agency, Job Service, in Brasov. Brasov is located about 166 km from Bucharest, in the Transylvania region of Romania. It was here she was able to secure a job as a barmaid on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Jewel, based in Miami, Florida.

The family says that Nicoleta and her family were assured that the crewing agency would be the liaison between the cruise line, Nicoleta and her family and would keep them informed how she was doing.

Various reports allege that Nicoleta became involved with her supervisor at the bar aboard the Jewel. There are two different reports as to how that relationship turned out, one from the family via some crew members, and the other from two different crew members who worked aboard.

One crew account says that during that relationship, Nicoleta became pregnant. This fact is disputed by some and we have no autopsy evidence that says she was or was not pregnant.

The crew says that Nicoleta had every reason to believe the supervisor and her would be together, because reports say he had forbid her from being involved romantically with any other person aboard, including one specific crew member, a Canadian.

But, the supervisor, his name unknown, according to the crew reports, had other ideas. Soon Nicoleta was able to determine that the supervisor was involved with other women who worked aboard, and had no intention of doing right by her. It seems he was a player, faithful to none, while all had to be faithful to him.

Reports say she became enraged and went to his superiors demanding action and was rebuffed. At that time, it is reported, she threatened to go public with the fiasco and ensure that passengers knew the kind of things that were happening on the Jewel. There is some motive for murder.

The family says they were told by other crew and through contacts Nicoleta made to them directly, that she was was involved with the supervisor, rebuffed him and went to his supervisors to keep him away from her, because she was afraid of his jealous fits. Again, there is motive for murder by her lover. Either way, then it seems she moved on. Nicoleta had decided to try to get a visa to stay in the U.S, work on land and continue the relationship with the Canadian.

On the day before she disappears, Nicoleta posts on her Facebook account and seems cheerful and optimistic. Around this time she also asks her family to send her some things from home in a package. Then, she disappears. About six days later, she is found on or near the shore line of Grand Cayman, dead. When NCL contacted the family, they said she committed suicide. The family isn’t buying it, and they have good reason to wonder. Several of her friends aboard contacted her family directly, others contacted the family online with a different version from the NCL story.

The family wanted proof that the Nicoleta had in fact jumped. They say they were told there was a video record of her jumping overboard, but NCL would not furnish the video to the family.