Ramesh Krishnamurthy Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard Carnival Legend Caribbean

Ramesh Krishnamurthy, 35 – Suicide Overboard, Carnival Legend Passenger, May 27, 2006, Time of Death 1:30.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

The Carnival Legend was returning to New York from an 8 day cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands, before Tortola.

At 1:30am, passengers saw Ramesh Krishnamurthy, 35, from Doylestown, Pennsylvania jumped overboard on May 27, 2006, according to the captain and cruise director. Other passengers onboard said they were told by crew members, a father of two young children ages 5 and 4, had argued with his wife, Paige Krishnamurthy, in his cabin before jumping over a balcony. His wife says it wasn’t suicide, nor was he pushed.

The official report says he was arguing with his wife over his bar tab, and he was under the influence of alcohol at the time he jumped overboard, and his wife and his two children witnessed him climbing over their balcony railing and jumping off the ship.

U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Mike Lutz said a C-130 airplane crew was sent to help with the search A passenger says the ship turned around and began circling the area where the man went missing at 2:30am. After about 12 hours of searching, the coast guard released the ship to , the ship to continue on towards New York. The missing passengers was not found during the search.

Carnival Cruise Lines has officially confirmed that the ship was doing a search and rescue mission for a missing passenger and that it would be delayed to the port. Onboard, passengers have been told by the captain they will arrive at 6pm on Sunday. The cruise line has updated that time to 7pm on their website.

According to a passenger the ship arrived at pier 92 at 7:55pm, an hour later than the time the cruise line posted on their website at the last update. That final update was posted after the ship was well underway, having been released from the search and rescue.

Carnival has issued a letter to all Legend passengers stating that because of the inconvience they are giving each passanger a $50 ship board credit.

Passengers waiting for 6-7 hours at the terminal to board became very angry of the offer, and what they viewed as an inadequate $50 ship board credit. Passengers were also complaining it was hot in the terminal, there was no food and no beverages, with only a drinking fountain available. Around 12:30am passengers were able to board and were beginning to get snack food and beverages. Both returning passengers and boarding passengers in various cabin classes, said the cabins were very small. That included category 11 cabins. The ship finally left port at 5:00am.

One passenger, booked into the cruise on the 28th, posting on Cruise Critic, said that his wife was upset because she paid for an 8 day cruise, and will not get an 8 day cruise, and she is going to miss the Port of Tortola, where she had booked a dive excursion for her husband.

Editor Note: Missing ports or shortened ports of calls happens so frequently on cruise ships, for so many reasons, I don’t why anyone would book a shore excursion, then seem surprised or angry, when they were unable to enjoy theiir port of calls as intended.

The cost of the U. S. Coast Guard search:

  • C-130 Hercules: $11,266 an hour for maintenance and fuel
  • Falcon jet search and rescue plane: $8,849 an hour
  • U.S. Coast Guard Cutter: $1,359 an hour.