Lee Ann – Suicide Overboard, Carnival Cruise Line Passenger Carnival Conquest

Lee Ann – Suicide Overboard, Carnival Conquest Passenger, September 30, 2006, Time of Death 3:05. (Visitor Submission)

Time of Cruise Ship Death

One report says, “On 30 Sep 06 my girlfriend and I were on the back part of the ship, Deck 10 above the Pizzeria, port side. I looked over toward where the flagpole/mast is at the middle of the stern and noticed a woman had climbed over the railing and was standing on the galvanized rail that is about 5 feet below. All I could see was the top of her head, I told my girlfriend to go get a crew member that the woman wasn’t supposed to be there. She got up to go get someone and about that time the woman’s husband came up behind us and yelled her name, Lee Ann. The woman took a step and disappeared. Her husband just walked off, my girlfriend ran downstairs to alert the crew that someone had jumped.

I went to grab a life ring to throw and then saw that the woman had hit about 5 decks below and hadn’t made the water. She was on her back in someone’s balcony. I couldn’t see her head, it was obscured by the angle of the balcony, she did have a small amount of blood on her legs. I didn’t see any big pools of blood.

Security got on the site pretty quick, but the medical people took about 10 minutes to get to the woman, then they just kinda stood around her. I was watching from above along with a crowd of people who had gathered. It appeared her stomach was moving from breathing when I saw her, someone next to me had binoculars and said she was also. You could see her belly button ring moving up and down. [indicating she was alive]

The ship turned around about 12 minutes from the time that my girlfriend notified crew members of the woman jumping, I guess they still thought the person had made the water.

The woman jumped at 1508 hours [3:08pm local time], 315 miles from Galveston, the ship was moving at about 23 miles per hour, weather was clear/sunny. I had my Magellan GPS out when this all occured and made a note of this.

We were 30 feet from the woman, her husband was right behind us and she didn’t scream or anything. We gave statements to Carnival Security, FBI and Coast Guard CID.”