Belinda Clark Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard Norwegian Star

Belinda Clark, 35 – Suicide Overboard, Norwegian Star Passenger, October 11, 2006, Time of Death 4:00.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

On October 11, 2006, Blinda Clark, 35, was on a Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Star 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise with her family, which included three small children.

An hour after leaving Cabo San Lucas, on October 11, 2006, passengers were notified a woman had gone overboard, and the vessel turned around to do a search. The Norwegian Star searched along the coast with lights pointed towards the water.

We watched as the crew prepared to deploy the Zodiacs in case anything was found…nothing was.

We had a day and half left on the cruise, and began hearing rumors from the crew that the woman left a suicide note to her boyfriend. (Cruise Bruise cautions that this is pretty much typical crew rumors and there may be no validity in the rumors)

I was on the Norwegian Star when Belinda Clark went missing. We left Cabo San Lucas at about 4:00 P.M. Around 7:00 P.M. an announcement was made that a passenger was missing and that the crew needed to search the vessel. We were also told that the ship was turning around as a precaution. We went back south for approximately 30 minutes. Another announcement was made asking if Belinda Clark was on board and then the ship proceeded to do a grid search. There were other cruise ships and Mexican coast guard vessels involved in the search. Crew members with night vision gear were standing at the railings searching the water. In addition a Zodiac was ready to deploy. After approximately five hours, we resumed our voyage.

I will confirm that she was in cabin 10692. This room was sealed after she went missing. There was tape across the door in a large X configuration that said “Do Not Enter” and a security officer was stationed outside the room.

Upon arriving back in port, the room was inspected by a forensics team in plain clothes. We were told that we couldn’t leave the ship until the FBI permitted it.

Other reports Say:
Belinda’s traveling companion reported that she was missing at about 7 pm on October 11.

The FBI received a report from Norwegian Cruise Lines, when it docked at the Port of Los Angeles on Friday The 13th of October.

Reports indicate a woman passenger went overboard while the ship was in Mexican waters as it headed toward Los Angeles.

Norwegian Star’s Web site indicated that the ship’s last stop would have been Wednesday at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Officials with the cruise line said they received word that a passenger jumped from the back of the ship near Cabo San Lucas, prompting a search by the Mexican Navy.

A body of a woman was reportedly found off the coast of Mexico. It is unconfirmed at this time, if the body found, belong to Ms Clark.