Kevin Klingele Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard Cabo San Lucas

Kevin Klingele, 56 – Overboard Unknown, Carnival Pride Passenger, July 3, 2007, Time of Death 1:00.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Kevin Klingele, 56, owner of Frost’s Tree Farm in Los Gatos, California was on a cruise with the Marantha Christian Center. Klingele was connected to this group through his church, Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California. The cruise was for the Third Annual Singles Conference, Victoriously Single At Sea.

The group was booked on the Carnival Pride, Mexican Riviera cruise July 1 to July 8, 2007. The vessel was to call at Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan.

Klingele had a cabin mate from the church group. The cabin mate said he returned on the evening of July 2nd and Kevin was in bed sleeping. Other members of the group say he was last seen about 0100 hours (1am) on July 4, according to Carnival Cruise Lines There is little known about this case, the FBI are not saying much. By July 6, the FBI was showing up to interview family and friends. One friend was told by the FBI on July 6, that Klingele had been missing only one day. An FBI inspection of the Klingele home, showed no signs at all of anyone not planning to come home. The FBI visited Kevin’s home a number of times and questioned both a tenant and the property manager.

Upon visiting the home Kevin’s attorney said it looked like the home of someone who planned to return. Kevin recently had purchased or leased additional property to expand his christmas tree farm operations. This rules out the possibility of suicide. Kevin was planning to come home, definately.

On July 10, 2007 there are reports of a tourist on a jet ski, seeing Klingele’s body along the shore off Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Mexican military was alerted at that point in time, and the body was recovered.

The FBI spent 10 days in Mexico investigating, but is keeping tight lipped, not sharing any information with the family, neighbors or friends they interviewed. Given his age and demeanor, it is highly unlikely he was acting in an inappropriate or reckless manner that would have contributed to his death. Either this was a horrible accident, or he met with foul play.

Carnival Cruise Lines now says Kevin’s traveling companions last saw him on July 4, 2007 around 0100 hours (1am local time). His traveling companions reported him missing on July 5, after departing Mazatlan.

The body of Kevin Klingele was discovered July 11, 2007, along the coast of Mexico near Puerto Vallarta. Klingele’s obituary cited “sudden heart complications” as the cause of death.