Raymond J Malace Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard Carnival Inspiration

Raymond J. Malace, 55 – Death Aboard, Carnival Inspiration Passenger, February 21, 2008, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Raymond J. Malace was dead in his cabin on February 21, 2008. Malace was a travel photographer who had done work for Soldier Of Fortune, Law Enforcement Technology, Karate / Kung-Fu Illustrated, National Geographic and many others. Alot of the work he did was travel based, and certainly being on a cruise would give him opportunity to take photographs of the subjects he love and made his earnings from.

It is unusual for people on vacation to travel alone. Generally, people travel with at least one other person. It certainly would be unusual enough that a crew member might enquire as to why a passenger was traveling alone and to learn that the passenger was a photographer on assignment, or at minimum gathering photographs could be enough to produce gossip among the crew.

Only 55-years-old, Malace’s death was described by family as “unexpected”. When all other passengers had put their luggage out in the hallway, the luggage had been collected and the passengers had disembarked, Malace had not done so. Apparently, nobody reported or noticed him missing before the last moment of the cruise.

His cabin steward said that he noticed Malace had not disembarked, went to his cabin, knocked on the door, got no answer and brought a security officer to the door to unlock it.

Upon entering, the cabin steward and security officer noticed Malace was on the floor, and he was dead. It is not known how long Malace had been dead before his cabin steward realized he was missing.

Whenever there is a death and nobody witnessed it, there will always be speculation as to how the incident actually took place. When there is evidence of violence, such as in hangings, it is hard to imagine there was no investigation.

There are similarities between Malace’s death and the death of Przemyslaw Moranski aboard Carnival Inspiration a few months later.

Przemyslaw Moranski died on October 10, 2008. He was found hanging by his belt.

Przemyslaw Moranski was a photographer, a travel photographer to be exact. He had a passion for ships, oceans, harbors, lakes and rivers around the world. He had photographed from the Arctic, to Asia, from Africa to North America.

These two men have several things in common. They were traveling alone, they sailed on the exact same cruise ship, that embarked from the same port. They were found dead in their cabin, both were professional photographers, and neither produced so much as a little flicker on the media radar.

Could it be that both Malace and Moranski, photographers traveling alone, were seen as investigating what happens behind the scenes on a cruise ship, and that someone didn’t like it? Since Moranski was found hanging in his cabin with a belt around his neck, there is certainly some reason to speculate there.