Walther Schloenp Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard MS Europa

Walther Schloenp, 72 – Heart Failure, MS Europa Passenger, April 19, 2008, Time of Death is unknown

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Hapag-Lloyd Line reported a German national, Walther Schloep, 72, died aboard their cruise ship MS Europa while cruising in the middle east on April 19, 2008. Schloenp, age 72, had been traveling alone on the cruise ship. He was found dead in his cabin on April 19, while the ship was near Dubai.

The German consulate was to take possession of Mr Schloenp’s body and take it back home to Germany.

It is believed that Schloenp boarded the MS Europa a month prior when it disembarked from Germany. The ship had stopped at several ports on its way to the emirate and its last stop was Mumbai.

The cruise line says Schloenp died of a heart attack.