Przemyslaw Moranski Passenger Cruise Ship Death Hanging Carnival Inspiration

Przemyslaw Moranski, – Suicide Hanging, Carnival Inspiration Passenger, October 10, 2008, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Inspiration passenger Przemyslaw Moranski died on October 10, 2008. He was found hanging by his belt, an act that is nearly impossible to do without assistance.

The Hillsoborough County Medical examiner’s Opinion and final diagnosis on cause of death was hanging by the neck, which caused left ventricular hypertrophy.

Moranski had worked in the past as a reporter at Radio Flash.

What makes Moranski’s death even more significant is the fact that he was the first of three hangings aboard cruise ships within a little over a year. Since hangings are very unusual, having three in a year or so, the other two crew members, Camila Peixoto Bandeira on January 10, 2010 and Gregory Gonzales Navarro on June 14, 2009 aboard Carnival Victory is reason for pause.