Jennifer-Ellis-Seitz-Passenger Cruise Ship Death Norwegian-Pearl

Jennifer Ellis Seitz, 36 – Suspicious Overboard, Norwegian Pearl Passenger, December 26, 2008, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathJennifer Ellis-Seitz

Jennifer Ellis-Seitz, 36 from Florida female went missing about 15 miles east of Cancun, Mexico in the Caribbean Sea, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) reports from Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Pearl.

Red-haired Jennifer Seitz, has been further identified as Jennifer Ellis-Seitz, age 36, of Florida. She was married to Raymond Seitz for about a year before the cruise. The couple met in Orlando, Florida. Jennifer was reported to be originally from Winter Haven, Florida. Reports that she was from the Houston, Texas area are incorrect. Jennifer was staying in cabin 11122 with her husband Raymond and mother Donna Ellis. The cabin was a mini-suite.

Passengers aboard the cruise ship learned that the couple had only been married a year, when the couple participated in a ship-board game show known as, The Not So Newlyweds.

Raymond and Jennifer were participants on a cruise ship game show called “The Not So Newlyweds” where it was learned they have been married for about a year, and had their first date in Orlando, Florida.

At least one person is offering to buy the video of that ship-board game, from anyone who bought it aboard or video taped it. From what I can tell, he appears to be a reporter. The clue to why a reporter might want that game video tape could be in the testimony of a passenger who was aboard. Cruise passenger Julie McCloskey who viewed the game show, remembers an answer given by the couple to one particular question, related to the most unusal place the couple has had sexual relations. The answer Mcloskey says she heard was something like, “Well, where haven’t we done it? He (Ray Seizt) said, We’ve done it on cruise ship balconies. We’ve done it in cruise ship bathrooms. We’ve done it all over cruise ships, all over. We are cruisers, and we do it all over the cruise ships.”

The couple met while in a support group, Jennifer was a member of his support team, fighting to keep her weight off after surgery. At the time, Raymond was married to a woman named Wendy, who was also having the surgery to help them fight their weight problems. Ray and Jennifer both had their surgeries in November 2002, and he refers to her then as his “life long friend”. Ray has continued to post in the weight-loss forum. Though the couple had only been a married a year, in fact celebrating their one year anniversary on this particular cruise, it had not been a bliss-filled first year. has reported that Raymond Seitz was allegedy arrested in April 2008, on a charge of domestic violence. This story was confirmed by another paper that had more details.

KXMB has reported that Raymond Seitz was arrested in April on a charge of domestic violence-battery after being accused of head-butting his wife. The charge was dropped after he entered a pretrial diversion program. Records show that Jennifer asked the prosecutor not to pursue the case.

Jennifer has had at least one other cruise. She was proposed to by her first husband, Michael Rich while aboard a New Year’s cruise. Rich proposed at the stroke of midnight New Years 2005 while the couple were on the dance floor aboard on a week-long voyage of the Costa Atlantica out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They were married on June 5, 2005 in Melbourne, Florida. The marrige only lasted about a year.

Jennifer Ellis attended and graduated from Queens University Of Charlotte with a degree in English in 1995. Most recently, she wrote an article published online at the web site titled, Battling The Bulge On Board. The site indicates it is an “essential site for captains and crew”. It is unclear how Ellis-Seitz fits into the scheme of the site theme, other than her battle with weight control. She is listed as the owner of NewsHound Communications and identifies herself as a full-time professional writer.

She is listed as the owner of NewsHound Communications and identifies herself as a full-time professional writer.

In the past she wrote, compiled and posted breaking news stories for She also collaborated as on-air personality at WKMG Local 6 (CBS) First News. Her credits also include The Ledger and the Tampa Tribune.

She was working on her second novel, while continuing to fight her battle with weight-loss, documented in her blog. The Blog tells alot about the woman, perhaps too much.

She was a member of the Society of Professional Journalists; Florida Council of Teachers of English, Member Phi Theta Kappa national honor society, Member, Florida Council of Teacher’s of English, Member and the Society of Professional Journalists.

More passengers have come forward with their view of this tragic incident. The latest comes from a retired state trooper who lives in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Jim Nestor said that the couple was “definitely different”and “loud” and “wild.” He said that when he heard a woman had gone overboard, he immediately thought of Jennifer Ellis-Seitz, who he called “Contestant No. 1” in the Not So Newleywed Game.

Jim Nestor said he saw Raymond Seitz aboard after Jennifer had disappeared and after the search had begun, holding a bag of quarters and explaining that he was heading to the ship’s casino “to see if he could change his luck.”