Isabella Negrato Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard MSC Opera

Isabella Negrato, 22 – Unknown Cause, MSC Opera Passenger, December 19, 2008, Time of Death 7:10.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Isabella Negrato, age 22, from São Paulo, Brazil was a University student in São Paulo, Brazil. Her father, Doctor Negrato had a practice in São Paulo, but surely wished he had been the doctor aboard the MSC Opera on December 19, 2008, when his daughter fell ill.

Ms Negrato a law student at Toledo Institution of Education (ITE), in Bauru was on a cruise with group of other college students when she suddenly became ill then died aboard.

She received medical treatment in the ship’s infirmary, because she was having convulsions.

She arrived at the hospital throwing up a lot with dilated pupils. Her heart stopped beating. The doctors used a defibrillator to bring her back, but it didn’t work. An adrenaline shot was then used, it also did not work.

She was pronounced dead at 1910 hours aboard the Opera.

Doctor Negrato took the news of his daughter’s death very hard. A businessman close to the family said he became ill and had to be hospitalized when he heard what had happened to his daughter.

Ms Negrato’s mother and other relatives are in San Sebastian, in the São Paulo coast, to discuss the release of the body.

The Federal Police in Santos are investigating the cause of death.