Rickie Locklear Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard Carnival Fascination

Rickie Locklear, 56 – Natural Causes, Carnival Fascination Passenger, February 25, 2009, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Cruise ship passenger Rickie (Ricky) Locklear, 56, from Robson, North Carolina was sailing aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Fascination on February 25, 2009, when he passed away.

Locklear was found lying face down on the bed in his cabin motionless. CPR was rendered by the ship’s medical staff for approximately 20 minutes. The ship’s senior physician pronounced Mr. Locklear dead.

Locklear had a criminal record that went back to 09/11/1983 when he was first arrested in North Carolina for assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. He received a suspended sentence and probation. Then on 01/27/1987 he was convicted of malicious maiming for an incident that took place on 10/04/1985, 06/10/1987 he was convicted of DUI and released from jail on 11/04/1988, his driver’s license was revoked.

On December 2, 2001, Locklear was involved in a car accident during a high speed chase with police, who were chasing the vehicle Locklear was riding in. Christopher Harris was riding in a 1996 Mazda 626 with Gabriel McMillan, who also died in the wreck, and two other passengers, Andre Cummings and Rickie Locklear.

A high-speed pursuit began shortly after the car nudged a PT Cruiser in a car wash parking lot. The Harris family said that the boys agreed to pay for the damages to the other car, which allegedly amounted to about $25 worth of paint damage.

At that moment, a patrol car driven by Chad Locklear entered the lot and told everyone to leave. One of the passengers in the PT Cruiser then told Chad Locklear and fellow police officer Dewayne Hunt what happened, and the officers jumped in their car.

After catching up to the Mazda, the officers flashed their blue lights and sirens, and a 16-mile chase ensued with speeds reaching more than 100 mph. According to NC personal injury attorney Rowland, the officers identified the Mazda’s license plate and one of the passengers within the first two minutes of the chase and yet recklessly proceeded.

The vehicles reached speeds exceeding 100 mph during the chase, which continued for 16 miles until the Mazda lost control on a sharp curve on McDuffie Crossing Road near Saddletree. Cummings testified that the patrol car bumped the car just before it crashed.

According to the story, the Highway Patrol never identified the driver of the vehicle. The Harris family believes Cummings was driving and did not want to stop because of warrants issued on him. Cummings said McMillan was the driver, while passenger Ricky Locklear added that he wanted to stop because he was on probation.

The town of Pembroke, North Carolina and the Harris family reached this recent $200,000 North Carolina car accident settlement out-of-court. The family of McMillan, the other deceased passenger, reached a $75,000 Pembroke car accident settlement.