Edelgard-Carney-Passenger Cruise Ship Death Sapphire-Princess

Edelgard Carney, 67 – Overboard Unknown, Sapphire Princess Passenger, September 21, 2009, Time of Death 6:30.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

On September 22, 2009, a cruise ship passenger, Edelgard Carney, 67, from California, was found missing when the Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess pulled into Vancouver, British Columbia around 0730 hours this morning.

When the ship arrived in port, Ms Carney from Sutter Creek, California had not disembarked. The cabin she had booked still had her belongings inside and a search of the ship did not locate her.

There were no reports from passengers that Ms Carney was missing as the ship sailed from Ketchikan on Monday evening around 1700 hours.

The United States Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard are searching the waters between Alaska and British Columbia hoping to rescue Edelgard. The search area begins in Ketchikan and runs 86 miles south to include Dixon Entrance, Tongass Narrows and the northern end of Hecate Strait. The stretch is 517 miles.

Captain Marguerite Dodds-Lepinski, of the Victoria Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, said the Edelgard failed to leave the ship when it docked at Canada Place on Wednesday morning.

After leaving Vancouver, Sapphire Princess continued on the voyage towards Los Angles, California with two days at sea. It was the last Alaskan cruise of the season for Sapphire Princess.

Temperatures in Ketchikan were a high of 54°F and a low of 50°F on Monday, with heavy rain accumulation of 2.22in and the water temperature was only 53.2°F.

The likelihood of survival in the water until the search began is slim.

New evidence in the case has caused the search teams to narrow their search to a channel just south of Ketchikan. It is now believed she went missing on Tuesday September 22, 2009 around 0630 hours.