Jean Young Passenger Cruise Ship Death Liberty of the Seas Legionella

Jean Young Legionella Cruise Ship Liberty of the Seas October 10, 2009, Time of Death Unknown

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Jean Young, 70, from Grimsby, United Kingdom, was a passenger aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Liberty of the Seas who died from Legionella on October 10, 2009, after returning home from her Caribbean cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines told Liberty of the Seas officers to take water samples and “clean and scrub” various parts of the water systems on September 29, when Mrs Young was diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease back in the UK, according to a coroner’s report.

Liberty of the Seas water samples tested negative for Legionella. Jean Young is mentioned in another Liberty of the Seas Legionella case where a lawsuit was filed alleging wrongful death as a result of alleged Liberty of the Seas Legionella infection of Tore Myhra.