Camila Peixoto Bandeira Crew Cruise Ship Death Aboard Hanging MSC Musica

Camila Peixoto Bandeira, 28 – Suspicious Hanging, MSC Musica Crew, January 10, 2010, Time of Death 7:00-10:00.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathCamila Peixoto Bandeira

Camila Peixoto Bandeira, 28, from Brazil was last seen alive around 2300 hours on January 09, 2010 aboard MSC Cruises MSC Musica where she worked as a bartender. Souza Bicalho, 30, a crew member who worked aboard as a waiter was Bandeira’s boyfriend.

Bicalho told investigators that he left the cabin that he shared with his girlfriend, to begin work around 0700 hours. He then alleges that he returned three hours later and found her hanging in their cabin by a bed sheet and she was dead. Bicalho called it a suicide.

Bandeira’s brother, Jose Godolphim said by all accounts his sister was happy and when she was seen around the time she got off work around 2300 hours the night before, she seemed happy as usual.

Investigators say that door entry technology shows that nobody entered or left the couple’s shared cabin between the hours of 0700 hours and 1000 hours on January 10.

Bicalho, questioned three times about what he saw, contradicted himself and admitted tampering with the crime scene. It is not known at this time even whether a sheet was in the cabin … at least one person reported hearing crew members saying that none was found.

Godolphim said, although his sister normally opened the bar at which she worked at 0700 hours on the day her body was discovered her schedule had been changed; she was, for some reason, to begin work in the afternoon.

Godolphim also said that his sister had said Port of Santos would be her last stop on the voyage; she planned to break her contract with the cruise line and disembark. One reason for this was that she was eager to start working in a restaurant that the family was opening on shore; another reason, she specifically said in calls on January 6 and 7, was that her boyfriend was assaulting her.

Godolphim said in an e-mail that she had gone to the ship’s medical center to have bruises and other injuries from these assaults treated; he also said that she had reported the beatings (“punches to the head, kicks to the stomach,” he quoted her as saying) to cruise line officials, asking for a change of cabin, but that nothing was done about her request.

According to Godolphim, he was not informed of his sister’s death until about 2200 hours that night. His informant? The chief suspect himself. “No commander of the ship, no social worker, no word of consolation … nothing,” he said. When contacted, MSC had no comment.

The family said that some items belonging to Bandeira were missing, among them shoes, books, phones, watches, a digital camera, and a laptop computer.

Bandeira is one of three hangings aboard a cruise ship since late 2008. The other two are Przemyslaw Moranski and crew member Gregory Gonzalez Navarro.

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