Cruise Ship Passenger Overboard Yesh Tours Magic 1 Tel-aviv Israel

Unknown Male, 26 – Suicide Overboard, Yesh Tours Magic 1 Passenger, April 10, 2010, Time of Death 1:00.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathAnother cruise ship incident story has been mangled in the media, mostly as a result of failing to research the incident properly. Yours Truly has watched as the incorrect message traveled the globe on media and law sites.

A Cruise Bruise investigation into a man-overboard call today resulted in the correct name of the ship being included in this case. The ship, Magic 1, currently operated by Yesh Tours of Tel-aviv Israel, is the only cruise ship sailing from Israel at this time.

Magic 1 Cruises sails from the Mediterranean on 2, 3 and 4 night cruises, mostly in and around the Greek islands. This voyage was sailing from Haifa, Israel to Limassol, Cyprus.

Sometime around 0100 hours local time on October 4, 2010, a 26-year-old Israeli man went overboard from the Yesh Tours Magic 1 cruise ship.

A defense ministry statement said a SOS signal was received at around 0300 hours (0000 GMT) Monday saying the Israeli was missing at sea after falling overboard from the ship loaded with 700 passengers.

Cypriot, Israeli and UNIFIL forces , Israeli and UN forces based in Lebanon joined the search, focused on an area 80-100 kilometers off the coast of Haifa.

Ronan Kaplan, spokesman for Yesh Tours, the company that operates the Magic 1, received a message from the Israeli police that one of the passengers was planning to commit suicide after the man’s father found a suicide note notifying the family of his plans.