Maria Mercedes Bonastre Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard MSC Splendida

Maria Mercedes Bonastre, 62 – Overboard Accident, MSC Splendida Passenger, July 24, 2010, Time of Death 2:00.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Another cruise ship passenger lost her life before the cruise began. This time it was that of Maria Mercedes Bonastre, 62, from Barcelona, Spain at the port of Genoa, Italy as she was boarding the MSC Splendida on Saturday July 24, 2010 around 1400 hours (2 pm local time).

Bonastre, 62, from Barcelona, Spain was boarding Splendida at Genoa, Italy with her husband around 1400 hours, was one of several passengers who dropped from an estimated 50 feet above the sea. Reports say that Bonastre hit her head on the quay as she fell with the gangplank.

Several crew member jumped into the sea to rescue the passengers. Bonastre was pulled up onto the dock, where rescuers attempted to resuscitate her without success.

Also injured in the fall from the gang plank was Fausto Del Charro Arras, 65,who was taken to the hospital in San Martino in Genoa with various injuries which included a head injury and broken leg.

Another passenger, Maria del Carmen Cuesta Carbonell, 65, fell about ten feet. Reports say that she was not injured.

There are loose statements in some reports indicating that a strong gust of wind caused Splendida to wrench free of the gangplank tossing several boarding passengers into the sea.

MSC Splendid is sailing 7-night Mediterranean cruises from Genoa that include calls in France, Spain, Tunisia, Malta and Rome. The one-year-old ship registered in Panama, capable of carrying 3959 passengers and 1,332 crew members was christened on July 12, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.