Yang Wenjuan Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard Macau Success

Yang Wenjuan, 43 – Suspicious Overboard, MV Macau Success Passenger, September 24, 2010, Time of Death 7:45.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathPolice reports from Hong Kong indicate that Yang Wenjuan, 43, a teacher from mainland China, who was sailing aboard the MV Macau Success, went overboard around 0745 hours on September 24, 2010.

About 50 minutes later, searchers pulled Wenjuan from the sea, but she had drowned.

The cruise ship was off the coast of Waglan Island near the eastern edge of Hong Kong’s territory as it was returning to Hong Kong.

Marine police arrested her husband, Wang Weilie, 47, who they say admitted to them he pushed his wife overboard, but only after he thought she was dead.

At Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Court , Weilie told the story that his wife had attempted to throw herself overboard after having made numerous suicide attempts in her past. He claimed that he fought her in order to stop her from going overboard and in the process accidentally knocked her unconscious. Thinking she was dead, and then remembering she wanted to be buried at sea, he tossed her body overboard.

Weilie claimed his wife, Yang Wenjuan, a civil servant, was suicidal because as a teacher with a PHD she was under too much pressure.

That statement conflicted with witness statements. One witness, a woman, who was on deck 6, the casino and restaurant deck, says the couple had been in an argument in their cabin on deck seven, when suddenly her body was tossed overboard, falling past their location on deck six. Deck seven has a handful of luxury suites and a Karaoke bar.

Seeing the man who threw the woman overboard covered in blood, the woman called ship’s security who arrived at Weilie’s cabin and found him, very much covered in blood. He tried to escape from security but was instead arrested and held for investigation.

A search was launched for Wenjuan, she was located unconscious and pulled from the sea. An autopsy revealed she had a broken wrist and had been severely battered before she died from drowning in the sea.

Weilie appeared on Monday, September 27, 2010 in Kwun Tong Magistrates Court. He is due to appear again on October 25, 2010.

Reports say the couple had considered divorce a few years back, but stayed together for the sake of their nine-year-old child.

If not for the witness in this case seeing Wenjuan going overboard, the case would have been just another mysterious cruise ship missing passenger case, never to be resolved. It’s an eye-opener into missing passenger cases and those cases where the traveling companions claim the person who went overboard was suicidal. The MV Macau Success is owned by Macau Success Limited. The cruise ship takes passengers past the boundaries of Hong Kong waters for overnight gambling cruises. The ship embarks from Pier 9 located in the Northwestern region of Hong Kong in Victoria Harbor, just a few blocks away from Hong Kong City Hall, directly across from the Ocean Terminal and Star Ferry Pier on the mainland.

The ship was built in 1974 in Denmark, is flagged in the Bahamas with nine decks and a passenger capacity of 512 within 230 cabins.

The ship was built as the Golden Odyssey registered in Greece. In 1994 she became Astra II , becoming Omar II in 2000 before her current name Macau Success in 2004.