Miguel (Tito) Broliani, Suicidal Behavior Overboard, MSC Orchestra Passenger

Miguel (Tito) Broliani, – Suicidal Behavior, MSC Orchestra Passenger, December 22, 2010, Time of Death is 4:00.

Miguel Broliani, known as Tito a 19-year-old student from Curitiba University where he studied Architecture, Law and Biomedicine. He died after falling off the railing of the 14th floor of MSC Orchestra while docked at Ilha Bela, on the north coast of São Paulo.

Broliani was traveling with friends who were all talking on deck 14, where the ship’s nightclub is. When he climbed up and sat on the railing, but eventually fell backwards into the sea. The accident occurred around 4 o’clock. His friends threw two buoys down in support, but he did not react and seemed unconscious from the fall.