Jose Miguel Pietri Tello Passenger Cruise Ship Death Liberty Of The Seas Overboard Belize

Jose Miguel Pietri Tello, 21 – Suicide Overboard, Liberty Of The Seas Passenger, January 5, 2011, Time of Death 3:35.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Cruise ship passenger Jose Miguel Pietri Tello, 21 ,went overboard off the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Liberty Of The Seas on January 5, 2011 around 0338 hours while the cruise ship was six miles west of Maugre Caye lighthouse at Northern Turneffe in Belize.

The overboard was confirmed by Commissioner of the Belize Port Authority, Major John Flowers and the Commander of the Belize Coast Guard, Gregory Soberanis.

Tello, an American from Puerto Rico was reported missing by his mother, Margarita Sandini Tello, 53 who was sailing aboard Liberty Of The Seas with him. She reported him missing around 0900 hours.

The ship’s videos were consulted after Tello was reported missing. Video shows him going overboard from Deck 12 at around 0338 hours.

Tello is described as being of fair complexion, slim built, has black hair, is six feet one inch in height and weighs about one hundred and sixty pounds.

A search was conducted by the Coast Guard and the Belize Port Authority. Roque Canul from the coast guard said, “Upon receiving information the coast guard deploy an asset to conduct search in the area both surface and sub-surface and ever since yesterday the search concluded until last night because we don’t do searches at night especially when it comes to situation like this. Presently we have another boat conducting searches but we also have the asset from Calabash Caye who is also conducting surface searches. The incident happen approximately 4 nautical miles west of the turneffe atoll, we have been searching the entire area but considering the fact of wind and current, the search area by now is approximately 24 nautical miles from center of where the incident happen.”

The search has been called off and Tello’s body is still missing at sea.