Angel Holcomb Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard Carnival Conquest

Angel Holcomb, 39 – Alcohol Related Death, Carnival Conquest Passenger, May 2, 2011, Time of Death 1:00-3:00.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathAngel Holcomb

In the second alcohol related death of a Holcomb from Galveston, Texas cruising on a Carnival Cruise Line cruise ship, Angel Holcomb, 39, died after falling while intoxicated aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Conquest early on the morning of May 3, 2011.

Family members say that Angel, a non-drinker, drank numerous alcoholic beverages in the cruise ship’s casino which were purchased for her by another passenger, fell in her cabin, cutting her arm, severing an artery resulting in great blood loss and eventual heart failure.

The family alleges the drinks were served to Holcomb by the pit boss, though family members complained about the number of drinks being pushed on her in a short period of time, after another passenger who was playing cards the table, was buying rounds of drinks, with four drinks lined up in front Holcomb, on the table. Then, the pit boss handed the drinks to Holcomb, one after the other.

The family then alleged, arriving back her cabin, assisted by family, Holcomb went to bed. She got up soon after to get a drink and fell on the floor, dropping the glass on the floor, which then cut her arm open as she hit the floor. Having hit an artery, blood began spurting out of injured woman’s arm.

The famiily further alleged, Holcomb’s finance, awaken by the sound of her hitting the floor and calling for help, tried to assist her to stop the bleeding while he called ship’s medical personnel to help her.

Family members say it took 25 minutes for emergency personnel to respond. When they placed Holcomb in a wheel chair in order to transport her to the medical center, she fell out. The nurse then ordered a stretcher, but the stretcher didn’t arrive. At that point, the nurse commandeered what appear to be canoe used for rescues, put Holcomb into it and headed to the medical center. Arriving at the elevator, they realized the canoe was too wide to fit into the elevator, the doors wouldn’t close. At that point, four ship’s employees carried the canoe down seven flights of stairs. This process took a half hour after the nurse arrived.

After arriving in the medical center, Holcomb went into cardiac arrest fifteen minutes later and was pronounced dead an hour later.

Angel Holcomb was the mother of four children, Kelvin Holcomb, Keltin James Wolf, Ila Lee, and Keshanna Lee.

The family filed a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Line on behalf of her children. The lawsuit was initially file in the wrong court venue in Texas. It was then moved to the proper venue in Florida. The lawsuit was settled on April 17, 2014. The court document from the settlement is here

This is the second case of a Holcomb from Galveston dying of an alcohol related death. The other case, Kipi Holcomb, also from the Galveston area of Texas, died aboard Carnival Ecstasy on February 16, 2010 with a.27 blood alcohol level. The two Holcombs appear to be unrelated.