Maria Grazia Trecarichi Passenger Death Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Sinking

Maria Grazia Trecarichi – Costa Concordia Sinking, Carnival’s Costa Concordia – January 13, 2012, Time of Death 9:45-4:00.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathMaria Grazia Trecarichi

Maria Grazia Trecarichi, from Italy died aboard Carnival Corp’s, Costa Cruises’ Costa Concordia when the cruise ship grounded off the coast of Giglio, Italy on Friday the 13, January 13, 2012.

Trecarichi was on the telephone with Pippo Lombardo, her friend and business partner of Trecarichi, a computer store in Priolo (Siracusa). Lombardo says that Trecarichi told him she was on board the ship, it was listing. She was with her friend Luisa Antonio Virzi and they were slipping into the sea. He says that there was a thud, as if they were running out into the sea, and immediately after communication was lost. The time was 00:12, only twelve minutes after midnight.

The captain of Concordia (Francesco Schettino) took the cruise ship too close to shore, it grounded on a reef, ripping a massive hole in the hull of the ship, leaving a huge rock embedded in the hull. Lower compartments began to flood, causing the ship to list severely.