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Thomas Pigot, 63 – Heart Failure, Norwegian Pearl Passenger, February 4, 2012, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathThomas Pigott

Thomas Pigott, 63, from Crosby Row in Limerick, owner of Enchanted Way Tours, was a passenger aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Pearl with his partner on February 4, 2012 , when he had trouble breathing, suffered a massive heart attack shortly after performing a song aboard and died almost instantly.

The on call Nurse was notified and responded to the emergency call for assistance and upon arrival she observed Thomas Pigott was not breathing. She initiated the Emergency Medical call and began CPR. The ship physician and medical team arrived , and continued CPR with no response. The Ship Physician pronounced the passenger deceased due to Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest with contributing factors of pre-existing medical conditions.

Tom Pigott of Enchanted Way tours was a Irish Folk Music musician who organized tours and cruises with and Irish theme He had performing a song with Mary Black on board the Norwegian Pearl in the Caribbean.

Enchanted Way Tours, is a tour operation business which attracts mostly American tourists on a music and cultural tour of Ireland. The cruise has departed Miami, Florida only hours when Thomas Pigott passed away.

Irish singer-songwriter Brian O’Connor described Mr Pigott as “a big man with a bigger heart,” who “was a father figure” to musicians across Ireland and abroad.