Dmetro Rohatensky Passenger Cruise Ship Death Aboard Zaandam

Dmetro Rohatensky, Death Aboard, Zaandam Passenger, September 1, 2012, Time of Death is unknown

Time of Cruise Ship Death

Date: September 1, 2012
Cause: Natural Unknown
Passenger Name: Dmetro Rohatensky
Cruise Line: Holland America Line
Ship: Zaandam

September 1, 2012 – Holland America Line Zaandam – Dmetro Rohatensky, family in cabin 7083 called in a medical emergency. A nurse arrived and a brief evaluation of the situation resulted in CPR to Dmetro Rohatensky. The ‘crash cart’ arrived shortly after. Efforts of both doctors and nurses to revive Dmetro Rohatensky failed.

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