Thomas Francis Levinge Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard Sun Princess

Thomas Francis Levinge, 73 – Suicide Overboard, Sun Princess Passenger, October 6, 2013, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

On October 6, 2013, Thomas Francis Levinge, 73, went overboard from Princess Cruises Sun Princess while taking a cruise from Fremantle to Sydney, Australia. When his wife awoke their cabin the next morning, she realized he had never came back to their cabin the evening before, after the couple had a disagreement the prior night. about where to dine for supper aboard the cruise ship. She reported him missing.

A search of the ship and sea began, without results. Eleven days later, a Sun Princess security officer found security video footage, which showed Mr. Levinge climbing over the cruise ship railing at the stern of the cruise ship and jumping into the sea.

A Coroners Inquest was launched that ran until late March 2015.  The case was then closed with a cause of death ruling as “unknown”.

The Coroners Inquest Finding for Thomas Francis Levinge.