James Cornelius Miller Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard

James Cornelius Miller, 30 – Suicide Overboard, Bahamas Celebration Passenger, April 27, 2014, Time of Death 2:00.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

James Cornelius Miller, 30, from Charleston, South Carolina is presumed dead, after jumping from the Celebration Cruise Line’s Bahamas Celebration, while the cruise ship was underway returning to West Palm Beach, Florida around 0200 hours on April 27, 2014.

The cruise ship was underway from Grand Bahama Island heading to West Palm Beach, Florida approximately 30 miles offshore, about 27 miles east of Delray Beach, Florida. when Miller jumped over the guard rails from the 9th deck, into the water below. The crew and Coast Guard attempted to recover the passenger with negative results. Coast Guard search for James Cornelius Miller, ended on April 29, 2014.