Carol Ann Dumas, 65 – Suicide Overboard, Carnival Glory Passenger

Carol Ann Dumas, 65 – Suicide Overboard, Carnival Glory Passenger, August 19, 2015, Time of Death 4:00

Time of Cruise Ship DeathCarol Ann Dumas

About 9:00 am on Thursday August 20, 2015, we received a tip from a passenger about a fellow cruise ship passenger who jumped overboard from Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Glory around 4:00 pm the day before on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, soon after Carnival Glory left the port of Roatan, Honduras around 3:15 pm.

We have learned the woman who jumped overboard was Carol Ann Dimas, 65, from San Jose, California. Dimas jumped overboard from Deck 9 or 11, an hour after the ship left the port of Roatan sailing towards Grand Cayman, on a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise.

Carol Ann Dimas Suicide Cabin

Glory embarked from Miami, Florida around 4pm on Saturday August 20, 2015 on a 7-night, Western Caribbean Cruise with port calls at Cozumel, Mexico, Belize City, Belize, Mahogany Bay, Roatan, and Grand Cayman before a scheduled return to Miami on Saturday, August 22.

Thursday night family members had begun posting memorial photographs on Facebook. Dimas’ Facebook page showed the planned cruise and that she was excited to go.

A Facebook update on July 22, 2015 she says, “I was back because my nephew passed away… I came back to Mo. The cruise is August 15th. I won’t be back until the end of the month or September the first week. I really like it here. I would move here but I would miss my babies to much.”

However, other Facebook posts expand on Carol Dimas’ mood before the cruise.

Further investigation has uncovered more details. A second passenger account indicated when the man overboard call went out, many people raced to higher decks looking for the person overboard, including children. This is a typical man overboard response. The person overboard gets everyone’s attention.The passenger recounted, “At one point, someone thought they saw something and everybody (hundreds of people) ran to that side of the boat cheering.”

The reality set it, when those who had been searching for the person overboard realized the “woman decided to jump off a boat in view of little kids playing on deck and in the pool.”

Her body was found 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the Honduran island. The Honduran Red Cross searched for Dimas, as did the Carnival Glory.

UPDATE: August 24, 2015 A Cruise Ship Deaths visitor aboard reported to us August 24 the following information,”…the woman’s body was recovered by Carnival within 2 hours of the MOB announcement on Wednesday. I was on the ship and saw the body being recovered around 6:15pm by the Carnival crew in a life boat “.

UPDATE: August 30, 2015 More witnesses and information has been submitted to us (names withheld) One witness provided information that Carol Dimas was staying in a cabin on the highest deck aboard Carnival Glory, Deck 11 – Spa Deck in cabin 1102. The cabins on Deck 11 are very exclusive with only 18 cabins on the deck, very quiet (normally) and peaceful. She reports that Dimas was staying in the cabin with other family members who witnessed her jumping overboard.

Cabin 1102 is described as: Two twin beds (convert to king), one upper pullman and single sofa bed. Sofa and coffee table. Desk and seat. Full bathroom with shower. 3 closets. Private balcony with patio chairs and table. It comes with mini bar, bathrobes and Spa Products in Stateroom.

Sadly, this would mean everyone on deck on that side of the cruise ship, watching as the cruise ship went to sea, as well as those on their balconies on decks below Deck 11 might have seen Dimas go overboard, as some reported. There are no lifeboats in that forward area of the cruise ship to obstruct the view or stop a falling person.

She further states there were witnesses (names withheld) who saw another family member (name withheld) come running out of cabin 1102, screaming, as she ran into the spa, immediately after Dimas went overboard. The report of the man overboard to the cruise ship crew was almost immediate.

Carnival was already in the process of responding.This dispels rumors that people on deck who witnessed Dimas falling overboard trying to report the incident could not get through to emergency personnel and that somehow delayed a rescue. If anything the flood of calls choked the phone lines for an incident where Carnival Glory was already responding.

The witness further recounts “A red sign was placed on the door to room 1102 that said none could enter. This was placed on the door after Carol’s death.

Another witness has provided information, including a link to a Go Fund Me page set up by Jody Dimas. The Go Fund Me page has a goal of $4000 and states $1000 was raised in 8 days. The stated donation goal, “We want to honor her and lay her to rest with her husband Ed, as that was always her wish. In order to grant her wish, we are asking for support as we were unable to prepare for this unfortunate tragedy. ”

None of these witnesses were interviewed by the FBI, there are no reports of the FBI boarding the cruise ship, nor of delayed disembarking in Miami.

This cruise ship passenger was seen to willfully jump overboard, an act of suicide.