Peter Mizioch Passenger Cruise Ship Death Disney-Fantasy

Peter John Mizioch, 75 – Natural Causes, Disney Fantasy Passenger, September 13, 2015, Time of Death is unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathPeter Mizioch Cruise Ship Death

Peter John Mizioch,75, from Phoenix, Arizona, is reported to have passed away on a Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy cruise while the cruise ship was on a seven-day Caribbean cruise, which embarked from Port Canaveral, Florida on Saturday September 12, 2015. Disney Fantasy called St. Maarten, St.Thomas and then Castaway Cay. Is Peter John Mizioch really dead or did he disappear?

Peter John Mizioch has had a colorful, busy and very financially lucky life. Mizioch owned Phoenix, Arizona construction, waste-management and lending businesses. (See below.)

Peter John Mizioch and his insurance agent, James Francis Bieleniewicz, who owned the Goodyear, Arizona insurance business, were indicted by the United States Internal Revenue Service in an 11-count indictment for income tax fraud, with a scheme that involves more than $700,000 in fraudulent expenses concocted as tax write-offs. James Francis Bieleniewicz pleaded guilty to two felony tax charges. Peter John Mizioch faced a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the felony conviction. Mizioch had plead guilty and asked to go on the Disney Cruise before sentencing which was scheduled for November. He was given his passport back September 2, 2015 for the cruise and was to return the passport September 21, 2015.

On October 4, 2015, as part of our three week investigation into this death, we attained court document which outlined the following new information. September 9, while Disney Fantasy was sailing in the Caribbean, Mizioch sought the assistance of the cruise ship medical team. complaining of dizziness and cold symptoms. The cruise ship doctor was said to have diagnosed Mizioch with positional vertigo. Around midnight later that day, Mizioch once again sought the advise of the medical team aboard Disney Fantasy after his condition worsened. Around 0100 hours on September 10 Mizioch arrived at the medical center again and this time was diagnosed as having an apparent stroke.

Disney Fantasy ported at Great Inagua Island where a flight was waiting for the ailing Mizioch. Mizioch was flown to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and admitted to Broward Health Medical Center. On September 13, 2015 Peter Mizioch passed away.

On September 15, 2015, a Phoenix, Arizona police department Cold Case Homicide Detective Clark Schwartzkope, who was investigating the cold case murder of Peter Mizioch’s wife Phyllis Mizioch, was contracted to investigate what was labeled as ” a possible homicide” pertaining to Mizioch’s death. Schwartzkope learned that a woman who was sailing with Mizioch on the Disney Fantasy, identified as his “alleged daughter”, The woman holding a passport with the name Theresa Anderson, had taken the voyage with Mizioch carrying his last will and testament with her on vacation. Cold Case Homicide Detective Clark Schwartzkope found no known family connection from Theresa Anderson to Peter Mizioch. Theresa Anderson presented the last will and testament to the hospital and demanded that per the last will and testament Mizioch’s remains be immediately cremated.

Detective Schwartzkope contacted Broward County Florida Sheriff Homicide Detective Zach Scott and shared information on the history of Mizioch and concerns that Mizioch may have been the victim of a homicide. Broward County Medical Examiner John Dellagloria was contacted and a hold was placed on the cremation scheduled by Everglades Funeral home, which was to take place at Everglades Crematorium later that day. It was interesting to note that no blood samples were preserved at Broward Health Medical Center, which would have confirmed or removed any doubt as to possible causative agents which may have contributed to Mizioch’s death. The cause of death on the official death certificate was cardiopulmonary arrest, cerebrovascular accident and hypertensive heart disease.

Medical Examiner Dellagloria, at the request of Zach Scott, took photographs of the body and took a full set of fingerprints from the body as well as a full palm print of the hands. The prints were forwarded by Federal Express in a sealed shipping container to Cold Case Homicide Detective Clark Schwartzkope for identification comparison with FBI prints on file for Mizioch. The prints were a match. Mizioch body was released for cremation.

Still, that’s not the most colorful part of his life. Peter John Mizioch had ties to four unsolved murders and one attempted murder, all with no witnesses. Crime-scene investigators did not recover physical evidence implicating any known suspect in any of the crimes. Law-enforcement records show that insurance benefits from the murders totaled more than $8 million over four decades. $6.5 million of those life insurance pay outs went to Mizioch or his business. James Francis Bieleniewicz wrote some of the insurance policies for those people who were later murdered.

The most recent murder was Mizioch’s estranged wife Phyllis Mizioch, a volunteer with Sunshine Angels homes for underprivileged children, who was shot three times, once each in the head, neck and body at her Phoenix residence on July 6, 2010.

Hours before around 4:00 p.m, she had a meeting with Peter Mizioch, Peter’s daughter from another marriage, Marilyn Ortega, and Edward Maciag, Mr. Mizioch’s long-time business associate, all met at Phyllis’s North Central Phoenix home to discuss the impending divorce and inventory property. The meeting lasted about thirty (30) minutes. Peter and Phyllis Mizioch disagreed about various issues relating to the distribution of property.

A tip received from a Cruise Ship Deaths visitor on September 24,2015 – alleges the disagreement was over Phyllis Mizioch’ demand for a $8 million divorce settlement. The group had arrived at her home to “talk some sense into her”. If true, it’s ironic that the amount was equal to the amount of the life insurance policy pay outs for all Peter Mizioch’s murdered business partners as well as for the life insurance policies combined value on Phyllis Mizioch on that date.

Around 10 pm, Dakota Guinn, a step-niece who was residing with Phyllis, discovered the bullet ridden body on the kitchen floor when she returned home.

Phyllis Mizioch and Peter had been married in October of 1995, separated, divorced in July of 1997, remarried in March of 2005 and separated again for about a year. On December 28, 1999, while divorced from Phyllis Mizioch, Mr. Mizioch applied for and received a life insurance policy with Protective Life Insurance Company for one million dollars. On September 20, 2007, Mr. Mizioch applied for a life insurance policy with AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (“AXA”) for $3,500,000 on the life of Phyllis Mizioch, who was again his wife. December 1, 2007 the insurance company issued the policy.

Phyllis Mizioch, who had three children, was insured for a total of $6 million under three policies issued by different insurance companies: Protective Life, AXA-Equitable and $1.5 million by MetLife. Her children were beneficiaries of the MetLife policy receiving $500,000 each and Peter Mizioch was named in the will as “personal representative,”

At one time, Peter John Mizioch was a person of interest in her murder. Phyllis Mizioch’s three adult children — Mark, Jimmy and Russell Montoya — sued Mizioch under a statute that blocks a perpetrator from receiving financial benefits as a result of homicide. Peter Mizioch counter-sued, asserted in court filings that he had “absolutely no involvement in Phyllis’ death.” and wanted to continue as “personal representative,”.

In that case, U.S. District Judge James Teilborg ruled that, in the absence of direct evidence or testimony implicating Mizioch, a history of deaths and insurance policies does not prove culpability. In his ruling, Teilborg wrote that “Mr. Mizioch’s alleged involvement in past and unrelated crimes – ie., loan sharking, money laundering and the murders of Wayne Snodgrass and Ron Bianchi – does not create an issue of material fact regarding his responsibility for the murder of his wife.”

This is where it gets real colorful. Also murdered were Wayne M. “Mike” Snodgrass, a Mizioch business partner killed at his Phoenix office in 1989; Ronald J. Bianchi, a Mizioch debtor whose body was found near Payson in 1999; and David Stark, another associate slain in 2004 in Detroit.

The first shooting involved Mizioch’s partner in a carpeting business, Oran B. Ingram, who was shot in the back with a shotgun outside his residence in 1979, as he arrived home from work. Ingram survived and told police he believed Mizioch ordered the attempted hit to collect on a $200,000 insurance policy. There was no evidence in the case.

June 23, 1989, Michael Wayne Snodgrass, 42, of Glendale, Arizona Mizioch’s partner in a construction business, was shot in the head at Southwest Specialty Co. Inc., 21617 N. 21st Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. Snodgrass, was a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp.

Police determined Snodgrass had been shot in the left temple from very close range. There was no gun at the scene and no shell casings on the floor. The office had not been ransacked and apparently not even searched. There was $122 in Snodgrass’ wallet, and his personal jewelry was still on his body.

Phoenix police Detective Bob Brunansky said, “It’s like a contract killing, but Wayne doesn’t appear to have been involved in anything that could possibly warrant such a thing. In the case of a hit, it usually is pretty obvious why the killing took place. But here, no reason. Wayne was an honest citizen, a family man. He was liked. It bugs me.” Police records indicate Mizioch was the beneficiary of a life-insurance policy. The amount is unknown.

Ronald J. Bianchi, 53, a former columnist for the Phoenix Gazette in the early ’80s and a former editor of Major League Baseball’s Diamond Magazine, had been named in a lawsuit brought by Mizioch, along with partner David Stark, were sued for $2 million after failing to repay a loan to Mizioch and business partner Edward Maciag.

Edward Maciag who was a former police officer in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona and Peter John Mizioch were both corporate managers of P & E PRODUCTIONS, LLC (see $1.2 insurance claim for stolen item below) located at 22223 N. 16TH ST. Phoenix, Arizona. This address and P.O. BOX 86578 PHOENIX, AZ 85080 are tied presently or in the past to over 20 corporations which Peter John Mizioch was a participant including : CA Mizi LLC.EMPLOYEE LEASING COMPANY, LLC, GPG VENTURES, LLC, GPM MANAGEMENT CO., L.L.C., IDEAS BROUGHT TO LIFE, LLC, LOST PAWS: STERILIZATION, EDUCATION & RESCUE, M & M DUST CONTROL, LLC, MIZI4, LLC, NEVERPROMISED, LLC, P & E PRODUCTIONS, LLC, PROFESSIONAL PAINTING SERVICES, LLC., PROFILES SALON, LLC, RT SERVICES LLC, Sonlit Foundation Inc, SOUTHWEST CONCRETE REPAIR, INC., SOUTHWEST PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT LEASING, LLC, SOUTHWEST PETROLEUM WASTE MANAGEMENT, LLC, SPAC ENTERPRISES, INC., SPECIALTY COMPANIES GROUP, LLC, SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS OF ARIZONA, INC., SW SERVICES, INC., WESTERN WATER WORKS CONTRACTING, INC. Another company associated is Marky Polo Pool Service LLC.

September 18, 1999, Bianchi’s body was found bullet-ridden by campers in the woods in Gila County, Arizona north of Tonto Village. He had been reported missing by his wife Merle,Bianchi on September 10, after not returning home from Los Angeles as expected on September 8. Investigators said at the time that he had been in the forest two or three days. Heavy rains washed away any footprints or tire tracks that might have been in the area.

Then, May 22, 2004, David Stark of Detroit Michigan, who was a person of interest in the Bianchi murder, was killed inside a Detroit residence that listed Mizioch as owner of the home. Mizioch had a $1 million life-insurance policy on him as well.

A tip received from a Cruise Ship Deaths visitor on September 24,2015
alleges that David Stark was actually conducting business for Peter Mizioch in Detroit looking for homes to buy and Mizioch knew exactly where Stark was at the time of his murder.

We have also uncovered another insurance claim, which was filed April 19, 2006 in federal court by Edward Maciag and Peter John Mizioch for $1.2 million for the theft of P & E Productions company film recorded on a digital Beta tape of historical baseball film footage called “The Library”. The library had been originally insured for one million dollars on April 21, 2004. On June 23, 2005, Edward Maciag requested an increase of the insurance policy value to $1.2 million. On July 30, 2005, it was alleged the films were stolen in California and a police report was filed. The films were stolen, though they were in a locked safe. Edward Maciag entered into an agreement with Verne Nobles and Nedene Nobles January 7, 2002 to purchase “The Library”.

We can’t help but wonder if Peter John Mizioch is really dead or managed to avoid prison time somewhere in Mexico, in the only case where he’s been convicted of a crime, after such a financially lucky and colorful life. Mizioch denied any role in the homicides and described the series of events as coincidence.

Peter Mizioch filed bankruptcy in 2000 and again in 2011.