Ian Michael Scott Ellis Passenger Cruise Ship Death Carnival Fantasy Grand Turk Snorkeling

Ian Michael Scott Ellis, 49 – Drowning Excursion, Carnival Fantasy Passenger, November 4, 2015, Time of Death 8:00-5:00.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathIan Michael Scott-Ellis

Ian Michael Scott-Ellis, 49, from Mount Holly, North Carolina was a cruise ship passenger aboard Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Fantasy in Grand Turk on November 4, 2015. While Ian was snorkeling, he suddenly died.


Ian Michael Scott-EllisA photo of Ian on the cruise at Half Moon Cay, seen on this page says “I wish I could stay here forever”, with Carnival Fantasy seen in the background.

Ian Michael Scott-Ellis a HVAC Tech (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technician) was originally from Camillus, New York. He was engaged to fiance Aleta Easterling who was with him on the cruise.

On her Facebook page Aleta Easterling has a photo dated April 30, 2010 which says, ” Ian loved Jazz!! This was our trip to Jazz Fest in New Orleans.”

Ian Michael Scott-EllisAleta Easterling, who had been with Ian for six years, had many photos of her and Ian, showing a very happy, loving couple.

Becca Easterling posted a nice plea on her Facebook page with the link to a Gofundme page.

The Gofundme page now featured on Cruise Bruise, outlines the issues the family faced when Ian died in Grand Turk.

The Gofundme page says, “On Wednesday, November 4, Ian was involved in a tragic snorkeling accident and passed away on the island of Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos.

As anyone can imagine, our lives have been completely turned upside down by this heartbreaking loss, but arrangements have to be made to lay Ian to rest properly. While it has already been a crazy difficult time communicating internationaly, we are now, at this time, ready to bring him home. Ian has been taken care of by the funeral home in Grand Turk, but because this terrible accident occured outside of the United States, business is done backwards.

Anyone who has had to go through taking care of arrangements for a loved one who has passed knows that a death certificate is the key to moving forward in any and all processes. However, Grand Turk will not send a death certificate until the funeral home is paid for taking care of and sending Ian home.”

Also on the cruise were ‘step-daughters’ Courtney Easterling and Becca Easterling and Aleta’s daughter’s fiance, Chris Hall. He was a great support to the family on the ship after the accident. The family remained aboard for the cruise for four days after Ian’s death.

On her Facebook page Becca Easterling shares her memories of Ian, “There are not enough words in this world to honor the years of love and laughter that Ian Scott-Ellis brought into my life. Without ever trying to replace my father, he became a dad to me. He loved my mom with everything he had, and he loved my sister and me as his own. I will miss so much. I will miss the little things; the music he shared with me, the hours-long afternoon conversations that lasted so long that we ended up sitting in the dark, the back-and-forth picking on each other that usually ended with me saying, “okay, I have no comeback. That was good.” I read a quote this past father’s day that said this: “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.” That’s who Ian was. He came to every show and every concert. He was at my church every time that I sang a solo, and he supported me in every endeavor…. I hope and pray that he knows how much that meant. I’m not short on memories of Ian but my heart hurts for more. I love you, Ian, and I will miss you always.”

Courtney Easterling posted a video taken during the cruise showing Ian on the Carnival Fantasy stage having a great time. He was called up to perform Diana Ross and Supremes’ song, Stop in the Name of Love, along with two other passengers from the Carolinas.

A Celebration of Life Service was held on Saturday, December 12th, 2015, at The Pointe Church in Belmont, North Carolina.