Jose Sandoval Opazo Crew Cruise Ship Death Carnival Ecstasy

Jose Sandoval Opazo, 66 – Crew Elevator Death, Carnival Ecstasy Crew, December 27, 2015

Time of Cruise Ship DeathJose Sandoval Opazo

Chief electrician Jose Sandoval Opazo, 66, was doing routine maintenance atop an elevator stopped on the sixth floor of the Carnival Ecstasy on December 27, 2015 when the elevator he was standing on started moving up toward the ninth floor, according to a recently released report.

Opazo was killed when his body was compressed between the walls of the elevator shaft. Opazo had disabled the safety system before the accident, according to a Miami-Dade police report. Carnival Cruise Line investigator John Butchko said a jumper cable was found on the elevator override system, which is a common practice used by electricians to override safety systems on elevators.

Passenger Matt Davis and his wife Susan came upon a bloody elevator scene on Deck 10 of Carnival Cruise Line’ Carnival Ecstasy on Sunday December 27, 2015, dubbed the “nightmare after Christmas.”