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Spencer Jerome Frazier, 64, died in Portland, Oregon on December 30, 2015. The highlight of his professional career was his service as an executive officer for multiple cruise lines including president of Clipper Cruise Line, Cunard Line, Kloster Group (Norwegian Cruise Lines) and Royal Viking Line.

As president of Clipper Cruise Line, he tried to shape it into a country club at sea and chartered one of the ships to the European Space Agency. As evp at Kloster Cruise Ltd., he led RVL, Royal Cruise Line and the international marketing efforts of Norwegian Cruise Line. Frazier also headed marketing for Travel Services International, and sales and marketing at Uniworld.

He was closely identified with Royal Viking Line, where he started in the 1970s as a sales consultant then moved up to vp in the San Francisco office and later led the line for a period in its Kloster Cruise days.

He was one of the first in the cruise industry to take a hard look at the ecological impact of cruising. Whether voyaging in the stars, or the sea, Spencer was always looking out over the horizon and toward a brighter future and was hopeful for humanity’s ability to “dream.”