Edoardo Antoniazzi Passenger Cruise Ship Death MSC Orchestra

Edoardo Antoniazzi, 16-month-old Cruise Ship Passenger Bus Excursion Death, Trafalgar, Dominica, MSC Cruises, MSC Orchestra, January 28, 2016, Time of Death 11:00.

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Police have confirmed that a Edoardo Antoniazzi, who is a 16-month-old cruise ship passenger from MSC Orchestra was killed during a bus accident in an area known as Pardeau in Trafalgar, Dominica during an excursion to Trafalgar Falls. The twin falls are located 20 minutes drive from Roseau. The accident took place about 1100 hours on Thursday January 28, 2016.

The child who was being held by his mother in the bus seat, was one of eight injured in the bus crash and taken to Princess Margaret Hospital where he late died. Edoardo Antoniazzi‘s mother, Alice Zanette, reportedly from Susegana, Italy and his father Loris Antoniazzi, 38, were also injured during the accident.

The bus driver, Randolph Xavier, 67, of Eggleston, lost control of the vehicle after it collided with a concrete curb and then the vehicle plunged into a 140 feet precipice. It landed on a concrete secondary road near the Pardeau power station. According to Renato Zanette who is Alice’s father, said that Alice told him on the phone, “At one point, we heard shouting that the brakes were not working, the van was on a downhill road, and it was eventually overturned.”

“At first everything was fine.” Alice said, who was traveling in the fourth row of the minibus, “the driver even stopped to let us see the botanical garden. The first 15 minutes were absolutely perfect. Suddenly, as we drove down this road a bit ‘twisty towards the riverine forest, the driver lost control. Before we ended up in the forest and then we rolled below. We flipped over and over again in this small van for ten people, until it stopped on a paved road.”

MSC Cruises told newspapers, “It is with deep sadness that MSC Cruises confirms that a tragic accident involving seven of its guests happened earlier today at approximately 11 a.m. local time, in Trafalgar on the Caribbean island of Dominica. The seven guests involved in the accident were five Italian and two Brazilian nationals. They were on their way to an on shore visit which they had independently booked through a third party.

Immediately after the accident, the guests were transported to the nearby Princess Margaret Hospital and a support team from the ship has since arrived to the hospital to assist them in every way they can. Simultaneously, MSC Cruises’ crisis team was activated and has already contacted all the families and relatives of the guests involved in the accident. The guests were all aboard MSC Orchestra which was calling at Roseau, Dominica, for the day.

Since then, we are glad to report that two Italian and two Brazilian nationals are safely either already back on board or on their way. Regarding the young boy and his family, his parents are out of harm’s way but still at the hospital. I am unfortunately not at liberty to disclose the condition of the young boy, since the relevant authorities have yet to make a formal assessment. Having said this, I have also been reading that he has passed and we are led to believe that this is sadly the case.”