David Wayne Mossman Passenger Cruise Ship Death Overboard Navigator of the Sea

David Wayne Mossman, Cruise Ship Passenger Overboard, Navigator of the Seas Off Florida – March 6, 2016, Time of Death 11:00.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathDavid Wayne Mossman

David Wayne Mossman, 46, from Cypress, Texas jumped overboard on Saturday, March 6, 2016 on the last night of a cruise aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Navigator of the Seas.

The 6’4″ tall, Mossman jumped overboard around 2255 hours from his cabin balcony on deck 10 of the cruise ship while the cruise ship was 36 nautical miles off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. Navigator of the Seas was on the last night of a six-night Western Caribbean Cruise.

The six-night “Decades of Rock & Roll Oldies Cruise” sailed from Fort Lauderdale with calls at Grand Cayman; Falmouth, Jamaica and Labadee, Haiti from February 28 to March 5, 2016. The vintage rock concert including artists Phil Dirt & The Dozers; McGuffey Lane; Hadden Sayers Band; Mad Mad Men; and John Schwab Party Band.

Oddly, on the other end of the agenda spectrum, the cruise was also billed as a Matters of the Heart Women’s Retreat Cruise with a focus on the Christian religion. The featured speakers and writers were Dee Brestin, Silvious and Amy Lively.

Dee Brestin is a writer, speaker, and teacher. Her book The Friendships of Women has sold over a million copies and was recently released in a 20th Anniversary Edition. Falling in Love with Jesus has sold over 400,000 copies.

Jan Silvious has been a featured speaker at Women of Faith arena events. Jan has encouraged audiences across the country and across every denomination, challenging them to grow into the women God has called them to be. She has been a speaker for Precept Ministries’ National Women’s Convention.

Amy Lively is a featured contributor with womensministry.net. She provides tips and tools for Christ’s #2 command drawing from her own experience knocking on her neighbors’ doors and leading a women’s neighborhood Bible study. She is passionate about helping people identify their unique ministry gifts and use them in their community.

Mossman was reportedly on the cruise with his mother and passengers in nearby cabins heard the two arguing before Mossman jumped. Reports then widely vary saying Mossman had been drinking the last day of the cruise after being sober for many years while fighting an alcohol addiction. If true, it’s unclear why he would go on a cruise where open alcohol consumption is everywhere you look, after fighting sobriety for so many years.

David Wayne Mossman though currently from Cypress, Texas which is a suburb of Houston, Texas has had a troubled history dating back to at least 1997. He was arrested in Hillsborough County (Tampa) Florida on New Year’s Eve 1997 for “domestic battery” after an altercation with wife Sabrina Marie Mossman. The couple had been married for less than a year at the time. He was arrested again the next year for “contempt of court” related to the same case.

Then, on February 29, 2008 he was arrest in in Harris County Texas for Theft By Check $50-$500.