Kenneth Wayne Thornton and Lawana Rodgers-Rose Passenger Cruise Ship Death Carnival Liberty

Kenneth Wayne Thornton and Lawana Rodgers-Rose, Carnival Liberty Passengers Scooter Deaths, Cozumel, Mexico Cruise Port Accident Death April 2, 2016, Time of Death 0320 Hours.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathKenneth Wayne ThorntonLawana Rodgers-Rose

On Saturday, April 2, 2016 Kenneth Wayne Thornton, 51 and Lawana Rodgers-Rose, 50, from Texas were on a four-day Caribbean cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Liberty in Cozumel, Mexico when they died after they had an accident while docked at Puerta Maya.

The couple had rented a Honda moped for the day and around 3:20 pm they were involved in a scooter accident. Rose died at the scene; Thornton died later in a hospital.

Witnesses at the scene reported that the motorcycle was seen traveling at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control and crashed into a concrete harbor wall.

Given the cruise ship was due to leave port at 5:00 that afternoon, the couple were on their way back to the cruise ship when the accident took place. A graphic accident scene photo of both passengers after the accident would indicate the scooter with two people riding on it, had too much weight on it to be traveling faster than at a very slow speed.

Carnival Liberty embarked from Galveston, Texas.