Spirit of Tasmania Passenger Suicide Overboard 45-year-old Male Jumped Overboard

Spirit of Tasmania 1, Passenger Suicide Overboard, 45-year-old Male Jumped Overboard June 24 2016, Time of Death 11:30.

Time of Cruise Ship Death

On Friday June 24, 2016 around 11.30 pm, a 45-year-old, male cruise ship passenger from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia who was aboard TT Line’s Spirit of Tasmania 1, jumped overboard while the ship was 43 nautical miles southeast of Port Phillip Heads in Bass Strait.

Witnesses said the passenger was chatting with other passengers on the top deck just after 11.30pm on when he swore and then jumped over the railing. He was then screaming for help and passengers responded by throwing him a life ring. But, as he swam towards the ship, he was sucked beneath the ship and never seen again. No body has been found, though pieces of his clothing were found during rescue operations.

The air temperature at the time was 48°F and the water temperature was 59°F.

This case brings awareness to the public that suicide overboard from a cruise ship is not a peaceful, romanticized death. It is instead, final moments of gruesome pain and terror, a horrible way to end life.

This case is still unfolding, please check back. We expected to have a name for this passenger in the coming weeks or months.