Natko Nincevic Carnival Corp Notable Cruise Industry Death

Natko Nincevic, Carnival Cruise Lines VP Hotel Operations, Died in Florida on February 17, 2017, Time of Death Unknown.

Time of Cruise Ship DeathNatko Nincevic

Natko Nincevic, a native of Croatia, who lived in Parkland, Florida died on Friday, February 17, 2017. Nincevic is remembered as one of the pillars of Carnival Cruise Line and an ‘all-around great person’.

Nincevic had worked for Carnival Cruise Lines for decades. Nincevic started as assistant maitre d’ then maitre d’ on ships like Mardi Gras and Carnivale. In the early 1980s he went shoreside to broaden his skills and worked in Montréal at properties including Trusthouse Forte and Hilton. He returned to Carnival in 1984 as a food and beverage manager on the ships.

Phillips brought Nincevic shore side in 1990 as F&B director, and he was promoted to vp three years later. In 1997, when Phillips left, Nincevic succeeded him as VP Hotel Operations. He moved up to svp hotel operations in 2000, a role he held until 2009.

Nincevic is survived his wife Pauline, a former Carnival crew member and two daughters.