Adriana Morales de Florencio Crew Cruise Ship Death Murder Navigator of the Seas

Adriana Morales de Florencio, 24, Crew Member Murder, Navigator of the Seas, Murder

Time of Cruise Ship DeathAdriana Morales de Florencio

Adriana Morales de Florencio, 24, was a Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Navigator o9f the Seas crew member who went missing after she disembarked the cruise ship in Bonaire on April 20, 2017. Her body was found in a shallow grave along the shore on April 29.

Bonaire is an island in the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The three islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatia (or “Statia”), and Saba are collectively known as the BES Islands and are special overseas municipalities of the Netherlands. They were previously part of the Netherlands Antilles. Together with Aruba and Curaçao, it forms the group known as the ABC islands, located less than a hundred miles off the north coast of South America near the western part of Venezuela.

In 2015, it had a population of 18,905 and overall crime is low. The United States State Department has a warning on their website for Bonaire. “The crime threat is generally considered low for Saba and St. Eustatuis and medium for Bonaire, although travelers should always take precautions in unfamiliar surroundings. There are incidents of theft from hotel rooms and vehicles, and armed robberies have occurred.” Bonaire is a popular cruise destination due to their Flamingo Sanctuary at Pekelmeer, a great coral reef for diving and for their turtle nesting areas.

This case is being investigated by Cruise Bruise. See more details there.