John Honeywell Notable Cruise Industry Death

John Honeywell Captain Greybeard World of Cruising
John Honeywell
John Honeywell

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, John Honeywell, 69, aka Captain Greybeard passed away in Hampshire, England. Honeywell died after a battle with lung cancer.

Honeywell was editor at large of consumer magazine World of Cruising.

He started his journalism career in the UK national press, becoming assistant night editor of Express Newspapers in 1976.

After three years as assistant editor of Today newspaper, he was promoted to managing editor – a role he then went on to fill at the Express in 1993 and then at Trinity Mirror from 1996 until 2009, when, he started writing about cruising full time.

Honeywell became editor of World of Cruising in 2014 before assuming his latest role in 2016.

He also wrote for Cruise Trade News and Cruising Destinations and continued to write a weekly column for his former employer, the Daily Mirror.


Honeywell is survived by his wife Sheila and two sons.