Nikola Arnautovic Carnival Fascination Aquatic Attendant Hanging Death

Nikola Arnautovic Carnival Fascination Aquatic Attendant Hanging Death
Nikola Arnautovic Carnival Fascination Aquatic Attendant Hanging Death

Nikola ArnautovicNikola Arnautovic Carnival Fascination Aquatic Attendant Hanging Death – On August 5, 2018, Nikola Arnautovic, 22, from Belgrade, Serbia was a crew member aboard Carnival Cruise Line ship Carnival Fascination when he committed suicide. It was his first contract and after two months working as an Aquatic Attendant.

According to a crew member, Nikola visited the infirmary before his death asking for a medical off and he looked very depressed. He requested an emergency leave and was not approved before this happened.

Puerto Rico police are investigating the cause of the death of Nikola Arnautovic, who was found hanged Sunday around 12.41 p.m. after the ship docked at Dock no. 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The latest information is that his body was found hanging in the crew stairwell between Deck 2 and 3. Carnival Fascination crew member who wanted to remain anonymous says “The head of the team in which Nikola worked was the first who discovered suspended body at the crew stairs.”

Many crew members took to the social media and signed petitions requesting that the cruise lines employ Psychologists on board all cruise ships.

Carnival Fascination Captain Renato Bendinelly says, “He will be remembered as a kind and respectful young man. Although onboard for a short time, he was well-liked by everyone who knew him and he would be greatly missed by the Carnival family. Nikola leaves behind his father, mother and younger sister, whom he spoke very highly. His family has been notified and our Care Team is providing the necessary support. The loss of a friend and colleague with a difficult experience for all, and we realize some of you may be affected by this loss. Telephonic counseling is now available for any team member. Additionally, a Counselor and a Care Team Member will be joining the ship on Tuesday in Dominica to make both individual and group counseling available. If you feel you would benefit from these resources, please let your department head or HR Director know. Please join me and the entire Carnival Family in keeping Nikola, his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.”


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